What Is It?

Dracula Crosswords Builder is a complete high-quality suite of tools for :

a)  Crossword puzzles building (maximum dimension: 190 x 140, depending of the resolution of your screen). The user puts the “black squares” and the “fixed letters” and chooses the words list. After that, the program AUTOMATIC fills the entire crossword puzzle. Using the same pattern (template) can be built a lot of different crosswords. Further more, there is a feature that allows an automatic “rearrangement” of the “black squares” if for a specific configuration, the program didn’t find any solution.

b)  Crosswords puzzle management (“view” / “print” / “export to excel” / “delete” ready made crosswords, “print” / “save” black squares configuration)

c)  Clues Management / Assistant. Include searchable Merriam Webster dictionary (112000 words), and a track of previous defined clues for every word.

d)  Words lists management (“create” / “modify” / “delete” words lists).
The word lists I provide are:
- English_Pocket : 21000 words, based on English Pocket Dictionary
- English_Unix : 25000 words, the dictionary distributed with most versions of Unix
- English_Scrabble: 79000 words, scrabble dictionary. The words length is maxim 8
- English_Oxford: 105000 words, based on Shorter Oxford English Dictionary
- English_Webster : 112000 words, based on Merriam Webster dictionary.
- English_Inter : 228000 words, based on Webster’s New International Dictionary, Second Edition